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This Merton/Day Reader's Theatre provides an opportunity to sit at the feet of saints and to experience their human and holy personal stories. I felt like I was eavesdropping on a wonderful sacred conversation that was actually meant for the rest of us to hear before Merton and Day departed into eternity. Sharon and David obviously immersed themselves in the lives of these two inspiring people and emerged with wisdom and the creativity to write the conversations exquisitely. It is truly a contemplative experience to sit at their feet, to listen, and to be transformed.

Our audience sat mesmerized during the entire dramatic, moving presentation as first Thomas Merton and then Dorothy Day spoke in parallel of their lives, their hopes, but most of all of their life's journey to God. A most successful parish experience that had people referring back to the play for weeks.
Dr. Victoria Dendinger
Director of Adult Faith Formation
Our Lady Queen of Angels Church

This one-act reader's play was spellbinding. It captured the essence of Merton and Day in a subtle but profound way. Beautifully acted and simply presented... not to be missed!

From Judith Hardcastle,
Program Director, Thomas Merton Society of Canada

I saw Sharon Halsey-Hoover walk into the assembled audience in a small chapel at St. Monica's church, Santa Monica, California, back in 2006. I still remember how quickly we were aware of Dorothy Day's presence, as Ms. Halsey Hoover walked in with her simple dress and bandana on her head. The setting was transformed, we were no longer aware of Sharon Halsey-Hoover, but of Dorothy Day. We followed Dorothy Day's journey as a young journalist and her personal commitment towards social justice and the decisions she had to make for her own personal life. It gave me the sense of the real person that struggled to follow her beliefs and her work. Seeing Sharon's portrayal of Dorothy gave me a sense of her humanity and her early decisions to do her work. It gave me a better understanding of Dorothy.

John August Swanson, Artist


The sixth through ninth grade students at Saint Joseph School in Fort Collins, Colorado were treated to a dramatic presentation of the life of Dorothy Day performed by Sharon Halsey-Hoover. Her portrayal is so convincing that we really felt as though Dorothy Day had indeed stopped by to share a cup of coffee and visit. Sharon did a wonderful job of transporting us back to a time and place we had only read about. I'm sure the students have a much better understanding of this unique lady and the important work that she did for the poor. 

Saint Joseph School, Fort Collins, Colorado


"Every single person you meet IS Jesus!" asserted Dorothy Day as she sipped coffee with nearly 70 women  who were mesmerized when Dorothy briefly returned to earth  (St. Anne's Church hall) to share her humor and humility as well as her sorrows, sacrifice and surrender on her journey to conversion and to the creation of the Catholic Worker movement!

The St. Anne's Women's Guild was privileged to present Sharon Halsey-Hoover as she portrayed Dorothy Day (1897-1980) in a convincing and emotional rendition of "Conversations with Dorothy Day."  Sharon had many of us in tears as she shared the tumultuous life of Dorothy Day who is considered by many to be the most influential Catholic woman of the 20th Century!

St. Anne's Women's Guild,
Seal Beach, California